Annabelle Boudinot

Annabelle began her sailing life on her parents 8m cruising boat. She went on to become an instructor at one of the top French sailing schools. Her working life started after completing an engineering degree in mechanics. This led onto working for the naval architects VPLP. She continued sailing, participating in inshore regattas such as Spi Ouest. The move offshore started when she competed in the 2007 Transgascogne, a love affair that drove her on to compete in the 2013 Mini Transat.

Annabelle might be small in size, but she is strong-minded. She describes herself as a sailor before a racer, but who always gets into the game while racing. She enjoys solving technical challenges and pushing the boat hard.

Personal Info

DoB: 28/06/83

Born: Sovaux, Charente, France

Currently living: Vannes, Bretagne, France

Weight: 52kg

Height: 160cm

Q + A

When did you know you wanted sailing to be a career?

I was about 10 years old, we were sailing on our family boat and I realised I would never be bored being at sea.

What do you love most about sailing?

The beauty of nature whether its in the middle of the storm or during a beautiful sun rise.

What has sailing taught you?

How small we are, how humble we must be, how strong we can be.

How do you keep going when you’re on the limit?

I know I can always push my limits a bit further, so I do so…

How do you spend your time when not sailing?

Dreaming about sailing and earning money to do so.

Who has inspired you the most?

Isabelle Autissier as a sailor and a person.

Favourite position on board?

Depends on the situation, I like being et helm during high speed surfing, I like lying down in the cockpit during the clear nights, I like taking the sheet while under spinnaker in low wind… I like all the position, and most of all I like to change!