News from the boat 2011 TJV

15 Nov News from the boat 2011 TJV

We had a crazy night, lots of squalls and bitterly cold so neither of us got much sleep. However, the sun has come out this morning, giving us a chance to dry off.

Have had the leaders in our sights for the last 24 hours, with all the shifts last night it was a bit like a game of cat and mouse with gains and losses made by both of us. The new source of vitamin D now seems to have helped and we think we are pretty close to the overtake.

All in all having an amazing time, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, have been looking forward to this for the past 4 years and is epic to finally be in the race.

We have done some domestic duties this morning,  gave the boat a clean. Now have a laundry on the back, trying to dry our kit.

Lat night was so cold we both had every single item of clothes on, and even then had to break out the extreme sleeping bag in the early hours to stop us shivering.

I managed to fall asleep standing up and ended up on my back in the bottom of the boat, so got the chance to play doc this morning. I now have a local anaesthetic pad beautifully fashioned to a rather bruised pelvis.

In terms of weather we are about to head into a high pressure ridge, a couple of boats have gone north of our position, but we cant really see the gains. It’s just going to depend how long it takes to get through this hole.

Will keep you posted.


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