Off the line – Normandy Channel Race 2015

24 May Off the line – Normandy Channel Race 2015

The 2015 Normandy Channel Race got off to a confused start. There were at least 4 boats over the line as the gun went off. The lower than expected number of boats could well be down to the prevailing economic conditions in France (bad) and the fact some of some of the the regular racers can no longer justify the cost and time when faced with competition from the many sponsored all pro teams that have descended on the Class 40 scene.

The conditions, a light breeze out of the North, are certainly not to Concise 8’s liking – we are maximised for reaching at 15 knots plus. Ned and Wouter are just going to have to hang in there until the expected breeze kicks in at around the time they reach the Irish coast. Then their chance should come.
Having had her mast smashed by an errant “Flying Frenchman” in the last race , Phillippa and Annabelle played it safe at the start and stayed well clear of the fray on the line. Now they have cleared a snagged furling line they are making steady progress.

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