Two Great Sailing Nations Celebrate (More…)

07 Jan Two Great Sailing Nations Celebrate (More…)

While New Zealand’s Glenn Ashby (Emirates Team New Zealand) and the U.K.’s Sir Ben Ainslie (Landover BAR) were choosing to lock horns in the desperate pursuit of the Americas Cup, here in Barbados their respective High Commissioners’ to the West Indies, Jan Henderson and Victoria Dean decided to demonstrate a little more “entente cordial” as they sort to celebrate their respective countries’ sailing achievements’.

Any thought that they were about to enjoy a pleasant cocktail cruise went right out of the window when their “ride for the day” hailed into view – the outrageously fast MOD 70 Concise 10, newly re christened Ms. Barbados in preparation for the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race. The race is on the 21st of January and a record entry is expected.

Once strapped in to their life preservers and the safety formalities complete Ms. B, and the guests took off down the west coast of Barbados pursued by a contingent of jets skis and motor boats’, hitting 32 knots and “flying hulls” all the way.


Flying hulls


Returning back towards their anchorage off Port St Charles, sails were reefed and both Jan and Victoria got the chance to take the helm under the watchful eye of Skipper Ned Collier Wakefield. Where as other lesser mortals have shied away from this task, these “diplomats” were made of sterner stuff and soon had Ms. B slipping along at 20knts +.

The crew were delighted a few days later when they received an official invitation from the New Zealand High Commissioner to attend a Barbeque in their honour, as well as giving them chance to explain their “mission” to the other guests. Ms. Barbados, apart from racing, is there to promote Barbados as a sailing destination.



Half expecting to be greeted by a Haka on arrival at the official residence, we were instead given the warmest of welcomes by Jan, Dave her husband and their delightful daughters, all of whom went out of their way to make Team Concise feel at home.


Enjoying Kiwi hospitality


New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs’ and Pinots’ were showcased and of course there was lamb on the barbie  – marvelous. The Team even managed to brief those interested in the forthcoming race.

Tony Lawson

CEO Team Concise.

Team Concise wish to extend their thanks to Her Excellency Jan Henderson, New Zealand High Commissioner to the West Indies and her family for their kind invitation to their home.

Tony Lawson

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