Will Semken

Will joined Team Concise last year in the role of boat captain, gaining experience from other campaigns including; Youth Americas Cup, Ker 40, GC32, AC45 and Farr 45’s, Will has brought the knowledge he has gained through this sailing to the shoreside of Concise. Having sailed competitively for a number of years Will is also a valued member of the sailing team, racing when onshore work allows. Will is not only and experienced sailor but he has the skill set and dedicated personality to go the extra mile to maintain Team Concise’s high standards.

Personal Info

DoB: 15/06/91

Born: Ipswich

Currently living: Hamble

Weight: 90kg

Height: 182cm

Q + A

First sailing experience?

Sailing across the channel when I was about 4. Never looked back after that.

When did you know you wanted sailing to be a career?

Ever since the Whitbread start from Southampton, never guessed it would be possible.

What do you love most about sailing?

Getting out on the water and pushing as hard as possible.

What has sailing taught you?

That hard work pays off, you can always learn from everyone and to take opportunities, and you never know your limit till you reach it.

How do you keep going when you’re on the limit?

I know other people are always depending on me and you never let your mates or yourself down.

How do you spend your time when not sailing?

Taking care of the shore side but I get out as much as possible. My main focuses are climbing, cycling, skiing and target shooting. I am always on the lookout for new things.

Who has inspired you the most?

Quite a few people. My father, Sailing legends like Magnus Olsen, Paul Cayard, Mike Sanderson, Pete Goss, There are quite a few.