As a racing team, our main focus is on competition and winning. However, part of our mission is to expose both companies and the public to the exciting world of high performance yacht racing.

To this end, we offer sailing programmes for individuals and firms, either as team building exercises or recreational events.


As with taking a ride in a formula 1 car, sailing the MOD 70 is a once in a lifetime opportunity that wouldn’t otherwise be available to the general public. This is one of the fastest sailing boats in the world and can hit speeds in excess of 40 knots, whilst flying a hull in as little as 10 knots of wind.  There is no other thrill out there quite like it.
Sailing our two Class 40s, one on one, makes for adrenaline fuelled racing. The races are often won or lost by seconds. Our yachts are unlike any other; they are the same no-compromise, high-budget racing machines that we compete in on the international stage. Far superior to the repurposed, tamed boats that are usually offered. It’s the real thing!


Thanks to the ability of our world class sailors, we can accommodate all levels of experience and get our guests heavily involved and motivated.
From our base on the Hamble River, Southampton, we have access to the Solent and the English Channel.   One of the most revered sailing destinations in the world.

If the idea of surging down waves on a high performance racing machine makes your heart beat a little faster, get in touch. The experience could be invaluable to you and your team. The memories will certainly be unforgettable.

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