Heading back to Barbados (More…)

04 Dec Heading back to Barbados (More…)

On Monday the 28th Nov, Concise 10 left Hamble (with Ned, Tom Dawson, Martin Watts, Jonny Malbon and Tim Rogers on board) for a rather quick/ windy downwind blast out of the channel, across Biscay to Vigo in northern Spain.

Concise 10, moored in Vigo.


With a nasty low working its way up the Portugese coast, the Vigo pit stop kept the crew out of the worst of the weather before they headed off on the next leg.

After fuelling up on some great Spanish Tapas, C10 left Vigo on Thursday 2nd.  Hugging the coast to keep out of the residual sea state, the guys managed to find more pressure than forecast and halved the length trip, arriving in Cascais in the early hours of Friday morning.

Storm bound in Cascais.

The Team are now waiting in Cascais for the next deep low to roll through, before the route south finally opens up. Current departure is looking like Monday morning, with the route taking C10 south into the trades. ETA Barbados is 14th/15th December.

The low pressure system, creating rather an interesting sea state.


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